Private Couples Coaching


With Gina's personalized, expert guidance, learn how to communicate with each other--even about the most difficult subjects--without fighting.  Gina will help you understand the mechanics of your personal unique relationship, so you can help each other out of negative cycles that spin up the same old disagreements and disconnection.  You'll be able to relax with each other, laugh together, and roll up your sleeves and tackle the challenges that face you, TOGETHER.  Learn how to safely express your feelings in a way that your lover can hear and understand so they will come close and support you, instead of shutting you out or criticizing and blaming, and learn how to encourage your partner to share his or her feelings in a way that helps you really hear what they are going through and how much they need you. 

This package includes ten exclusive, Video Coaching sessions with Gina, as well as the Mariage Worth Millions Blueprint Home Study Course for added support and relationship-building activities.  


MWM Private Couples Coaching:

- Ten private, Personalized Relationship Coaching Sessions with Gina, the Couple and Family Relations Expert, extensively trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples   

Plus Everything from the Home Study Course 

- Over ten hours of recorded audio coaching in both MP3 and CD format     

- Printed Action Guide for Applying Relationship Principles to your life     

- Printed Transcripts of audio files     

- Instant access to Mp3 audio files 

- Gain access to the achieve of podcasts, videos, and transcripts from Fortunes and Families. 

Are you looking for the fast track to a Marriage Worth Millions? These two options include the home study course and guarantee to increase the ROI in your relationship faster, and deeper in less time.



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Relationship Reboot
Three-Day Accelerated Couples Coaching Experience

- High speed, Low Drag: accomplish in a few days what in other settings can take months of coaching     

- Jumpstart your relationship together and take it to new levels of emotional connectivity.     

-Clarity and change can emerge more strongly and deeply than in week-to-week counseling sessions

- Find new hope, understanding, and the feelings of togetherness you have been so desperately missing.     

- Come to understand HOW your relationship got to be where it is today, and gain direction and focus for moving forward.     

- Learn to lower the barriers so you can express and feel the underlying pain of disconnection and your longing to be together.     

- Gina's private, personalized attention and effective and research-validated relationship resolution skills focused exclusively on helping you with the challenges of your relationship   

- Free yourselves from the demands of work and family so you can focus your undivided attention to your most precious investment: your relationship

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