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Network Marketing - 
Is Relationship Focused Marketing

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Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create a passive stream of income.  

Learning the NEW Proven Secrets to create and leverage true relationships is the fastest way to build a profitable and prosperous downline. 



NickcropI have a solid marriage & family, but through Brett's talks we both have acknowledged what an important part that strong marriage has been to my business life.  Brett's understanding of both sides of the spouse/entrepreneur viewpoint I believe he can help navigate any business/relationship waters. His attitude of family & work harmoniously working together & supporting each other has been a building block in my own coaching program to my students.      Nick Burton

Join Brett and Gina Judd as they talk success with 
Scott F. Peterson and Shauna Ekstrom - Leaders and trainers in Network Marketing.

Relationship Focused Marketing is the new power of real business.  Social Media is forcing the shift to be more engaded than ever before with your propsects and customers.  Learning how to say YES! when your network asks
"ARE you there for me?" is the surest way to a prosperous business. 
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What is Relationship Focused Marketing?

All business is about relationships. Regardless of the product or service, no success will happen if you do not understand the 3 step formula in creating relationships.

Simon Sinek said "100% of employees are people. 100% of customers are people. If you want to be successful in business, you must know about people." We agree!

Who are Brett and Gina Judd?

Brett is the life-long entrepreneur and when he attended a GKIC Superconference and saw Dan Kennedy joke about his 2 divorces and others discuss the impact that entrepreneurial life was having on their marriages, he and Gina took the relationship building, science proven methods of Emotional Focused Couples therapy and brought it to the marketing world.

Brett and Gina created "Fortunes and Families" and coach entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial marriage success and relationship focused business. Both are licensed therapist and trained in the art of relationship therapy. They now coach and mentor hundreds of couples in the science of relationships and help them increase the ROI in the boardroom AND the bedroom.

Who are Scott Peterson and Shauna Ekstrom?

A powerhouse couple who are highly successful in their individual careers, Scott and Shauna are leaders in their Network Marketing company. Scott, a licensed dentist / entrepreneur, married Shauna just 2 years ago. Shauna had built a strong and profitable organization in network marketing and now teaches the power of relationships in her Heartfelt Network Marketing program. Together, they are a dynamic team who work to create wealth and opportunity in their networking organization, and in life.

What will I learn in this webinar?

Brett's recent book and the "Make Your Marriage Worth Millions Blueprint" coach you in the proven methods of relationship development. Building a strong and lasting marriage is no different than a lasting and rewarding business relationship. In the end, it all comes down to how you answer one powerful question that your spouse, children, and your prospects/customers are all asking; "A.R.E. you there for me?".

In this webinar, we will introduce you to how Accessibility, Responsiveness, and Engagement are the foundation to building rewarding and profitable relationships.



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