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Make Your Marriage Worth Millions Foundation Blueprint

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Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs - have hand picked the best content from the vast Fortunes and Families library and put it together in a special audio coaching program to assist couple increase the ROI in the boardroom AND the bedroom.  

ALL relationships have the same needs.  When you learn the art of marriage and build a Marriage Worth Millions, you will also be learning the powerful tools to transform your financial success as well.  Don't let business bankrupt the family - Make a #MarriageWorthMillions today.



Program 1 -
ARE you there for me?


Every partner in a relationship is asking this same thing.  In this series, you will

Learn how to truly meet your partners needs and say that you ARE there.


Program 2 -
Learning to tango


Relationships are a dance.  You could be caught in the chaos of a polka, or flowing like a beautiful tango.  

This program will teach you how to recognize your dance cues and how to change the steps of a polka and create a sensual tango. 


BONUS audio download


A.R.E. you there for THEM?  Learning to apply A.R.E. to the needs of your customers and prospects is the fasted way to conversion.  

In this audio coaching program you will learn how to always say you A.R.E. there for them. 


ARE Cust
BONUS Coaching


To truly increase the ROI (return on investment) in your relationship, Brett and Gina are including 2 months in the Marriage Worth Millions monthly coaching calls.  In this call, you will receive vital and timely information to increase your love and connection with each other.  You will be able to download a copy of the call to add to your audio library and return to over again.  This coaching group is normally an small investment of $97 a month, but we are including 2 months as a bonus to all who take advantage of this offer. 


Nearly $700 value in this package for the small marriage and business success investment of $297

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