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          Notes from the Bedroom 

Millennial Staff

How to Better Balance Between Business and Family
Over the last seven years, I've helped couples restore "C.P.R." (Communication, Partnership, and Romance) to love-lives which have been battered by the sometimes challenging demands of business.

Here are three hidden tools you can use now to turn painful conflicts into peace and closeness:  READ MORE

Statistics show that one of the most common causes of relationship stress is money. But it doesn't have to be that way.

When money is a factor in divorce, the reason for the fighting is often less about how much money there is/isn't, and more about how to allocate what there is. Add on to that the complicated financial issues of owning/growing a business, and even differences in opinion that were once small can grow to monstrous disagreements. 

Yet, it is possible--and oh-so-rewarding--to learn how to step outside of the emotional quagmire that money fights can stir up and remain connected and united, working on the problem together until is is solved to your mutual satisfaction.  And doing so is easier than you think.   READ MORE

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(and Brett!)

Gina Judd is the co-founder of Marriages Worth Millions, of which her husband, Brett, is also a driving force.
With Brett as the "serial entrepreneur" of the pair, they have begun and run
multiple successful businesses during their 27 years together.  

With this history, Brett & Gina are no strangers to the stress and strain that
running a business together can have on a love relationship.

Striking the right balance between your business and your most important relationship has never been more possible. 

If you feel a brief phone conversation with me would be of benefit, schedule it today.  

3 ways to make your Marriage Worth Millions   

Relationship Coaching Marriage Worth Millions Blueprint "Hold Me Tight"
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