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Make Your Marriage (and Business) 
Worth Millions Blueprint
Home Study Program 

"ARE You There For Me?"

Have you ever asked that about your spouse?  ALL relationships have this same question and need. We want our partners to be there for us-- to truly be accessible when we need them, and to respond to our needs. We all desire a partner who is engaged in how we feel, what we think, and who we are. 

This program gives you the powerful tools to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner in a way he or she can hear and understand, and helps you tune in to the softer messages of desire, affection, and respect that are often buried under the stressful communications of daily life, especially when business is involved.  Use these principles to elevate your marriage while at the same time escalating your financial success.  Learn the art of Living in True Love, and build a Marriage Worth Millions.

Don't let business bankrupt the family - Make a Marriage Worth Millions today. 

Brett and Gina Judd - Fortunes and Families Founders - have hand picked the best content from the vast Fortunes and Families library and put it together in this special audio coaching program to assist couples to "Increase the ROI in the boardroom AND the bedroom.  


  • The "Secret" to true communication that will get your partner to respond to you and--better yet--engage with you. 
  • What your relationship "dance" is and how to change the "music" between you from frantic to fantastic. 
  • 3 Key Tools that you can employ that will instantly elevate the closeness in your relationship.
  • The simple difference between relationship "Masters" and relationship "Disasters."
  • How to leverage these relationship tools for profit in your profession. 


Package Includes:  
                         - TEN+ plus hours of recorded audio coaching in both MP3 and CD
                         - Instant access to Mp3 audio files 
                         - Printed Action Guide for Applying Relationship Principles to your life                           - Printed Transcripts of audio files

Get started NOW - 

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Make Your Marriage (and Business)
Worth Millions
Relationship-Focused ROI Foundation Package

 The Relationship-Focused R.O.I. Foundation Package includes all the same great benefits, materials, and information as the Home Study Program, PLUS ten private, personalized 1-hour relationship coaching sessions with Gina.

10 Private Coaching Sessions help you to:

     -Amplify your application of the relationship-building principles in the
       Blueprint so you can strengthen your relationship and find more comfort
       together, faster.

     - With Gina's compassionate, understanding support and real-time
        feedback, together you will be able to finally resolve the issues that
        create discontent between you, even if you've never been able to talk
        them through before.

     - Gina's personal experience in her own entrepreneurial marriage of 27
        years, along with her professional background as a professional
        Couple's Counselor, gives her valuable insights and awareness of the
        complications that arise when couples mix business with love-bonds.

     - Gina helps you work through the unique challenges entrepreneurs face
       when trying to balance business and the bedroom. Let her help you
       master the three principles that underlie a "bullet-proof bond," so you
       can stretch outside the comfort zone to reach your highest goals, and
       return to  your lover's arms for the welcoming comfort you need after
       putting it all out there.  

     - Get your business relationships to profitable and rewarding levels with
        Relationship Focused Business Success, by Brett M. Judd   

      - Master the business relationships that can bring you the life you
        desire. One 1-hour private, practice-focused coaching session with


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