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The fact that you took the time to complete the survey signals how important your relationship is to you.  A solid, secure connection with your partner can literally pay huge dividends--financially as well as emotionally.  Investing your time, effort, and resources to capitalize on your relationships' strengths and overcome its weaknesses can literally translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in productivity, savings, and priceless peace of mind.  

Your score indicates that you and your partner may be victims of an automatic, negative cycle which may be short-circuiting attempts to get close, while amplifying feelings of frustration, disouragement, or hopelessness. If this sounds familiar, you both probably feel a high degree of distance or disconnection in your relationship.  In order to avoid further and more serious difficulties, we recommend you take immediate and serious action to reverse the cycle and stop the toxic effect it has on your love bond.  But don't worry--there is hope, and we are here to help.

In fact, 70-75% of couples who follow the principles we teach move from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% show significant improvement*. Any couple can restore love and connection and rediscover passion, closeness, and comfort in each other's arms when they learn the proven principles of bond-building and negative pattern-busting.  

Due to the serious nature of the disconnection in your relationship, and for the fastest path to reconnection and relationship healing, we recommend you participate in our Fast Start Relationship Rejuvenation Three-Day Accelerated Couples Coaching with Brett or Gina. This tool is ideal for you if you and your partner:

  • Want change sooner rather than later
  • Are experiencing distress but don't have a schedule allowing for weekly coaching
  • Want to more quickly and easily heal your relationship
  • Are recovering from infidelity
  • Are in critical need of some kind of change in your relationship 
  • Are endlessly arguing or perhaps can't share deeply at all
  • Are considering separation or divorce

Another powerful option for addressing the issues in your relationship is to invest in our Rock-Solid Relationship Roadmap (link) 

As a final option for relationships in extreme emergency, contact Brett and Gina Judd, The Love Entrepreneurs, at for referrals to qualified Emotionally Focused Therapy counselors in your area. 

We also recommend you get a copy of the Marriages Worth Millions book and DVD package. With it you will receive a 30 minute consultation with either Brett or Gina and 2 initial months FREE* access in the Marriages Worth Millions Lovers Club. 

Here is the link to the promised audio file.

* after that your monthly investment in your relationship is only $47.  You can cancel at anytime if you do not get anything out of the program.  We promise that you will recieve the best marriage and relationship coaching available with bonus's along with the call, audio CD and download, relationship Hot Sheet, and dating ideas and advice.  If you don't find the value in that for your continued marriage worth millions, we will understand but be said to see you go.  

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