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Congratulations!! You're nearly there. 

You have made a very important decision to begin creating your Marriage Worth Millions and Increasing the ROI in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Brett and Gina - The Love Entrepreneurs - are thrilled to have you as a member of the Fortunes and Families community who is dedicated to the mantra - "Don't Let Business Bankrupt The Family"!

To complete the registration and receive your promised bonuses, you must go to your email and click confirm your registration. We know it is a hassle and feels like just one more hoop to jump through - and it is.  The problem is, Canada has past a law requiring Double Opt-In and confirmation.  While we love making Marriages Worth Millions, we really loathe paying millions in fines.  Since our community of members come from all over the world, we need to appeal to all laws. 

Also - as hard as we try to make our emails pass the spam checkers, some email servers still funnel us over to those folders. If you do not see us prominently in your Inbox as Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs, check the Spam, Trash or Promotions folders.  Then be sure to right click on the email address and tell your system we are a trusted and desired sender - just like your spouse's email (your spouse's email is in the trusted sender category, right?).


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