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Talk Your Way to Better Sex Tonight:
Ten Converations that Will Instantly Improve Your Sexual Connection


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YES!! You read right! Talk Your Way To MORE2 resources offer pic
and Better Sex -TONIGHT!!


And really, sex is a vital part of every happy relationship.

That is why Gina and Brett have created this 10 question conversation starter to help you come closer thant ever before.   

We hear it A LOT. "I really wish he'd want to have sex with me more."  

One partner wants to have more sex and the other seems totally cold.

(And YES!, believe it or not guys, its often the women.)

A healthy and active sex life is a vital part of any lasting relationship! To help you have a close, connect3ed, and exciting relationship - relationship experts and therapists Gina and Brett Judd - have created the "Better Sex Tonight" program to help you have better sex - tonight. 

The Affection, Sex, and Intimacy audio coaching program as well and the 10 Conversations for better sex are built on the knowledge and experiences of Gina and Brett's years of working with couples to enhance marriages.

They help you get the "conversation" started and teach you what your partner really wants and how to deeply meet their needs.

Great sex is more than just being great physically.

Learning how to talk about the "stuff" making closeness difficult is the key to open the bedroom door. 

In this program, Gina and Brett teach you

  • how to identify what your partner wants,
  • how to make them feel desired,
  • what affection is and how to be affectionate to them,
  • and much more.  

This resource is a must have for any couple young, old, starting out, or long-time lovers.

We can all benefit from a deeper and more fulfilling sex life!


About to celebrate my 1st [anniversary]. Using the things I learn from you both. Looking forward to a very happy future with my husband!  Thank you both!    Jennifer Traylor Woder



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Brett and Gina Judd founded Fortunes and Families/Marriages Worth Millions to help couples find joy and abundance in their marriages and to literally make "Marriages Worth Millions".  

The programs and products they offer help all couples, but particularly entrepreneurs, find ways to balance the tasks of life and the needs of the relationships. 

Nearly ALL couples who seek counseling and coaching for marriage issues have
been enduring a sexual draught for far too long. 

Start enjoying the best marriage ever.

I Want Better Sex


Don't let business (or life) bankrupt the family - make a Marriage Worth Millions - TODAY!

Join our Facebook coaching group and get daily access to Brett and Gina and a deprives community of couples. 


Other resources available from Fortunes and Families


Does it ever feel like you are lost in your relationship?MWM_Blueprint Stack.png

Maybe you just aren't sure how to reach each other.

Do you want to find connection and excitement everyday with your spouse?

Marriages Worth Millions Relationship Blueprint program shows you how. 

In these conversations and the associated Action guide, Brett and Gina lead you in kindling a great fire and life in your romance.  

Truly take your marriage from great to exceptional.  

You also receive access to our members only Facebook community.  

Brett and Gina are in the group daily and answer questions or guide discussions to help you make a Marriage Worth Millions!



1. Over 6 hours of audio coaching  2. Understand your partner   3. Gain deeper connection  4. Have better sex  5. Transcripts and action guide 

This is THE Couples Training that will help you make a Marriage Worth Millions. 


Fortunes and Families and the Marriages Worth Millions Products are Coaching programs of Brett and Gina Judd.  No guarantee of financial gain or guarantee of divorce-proofing a marriage are implied or given.        All content Copyright Brett and Gina Judd 2016  1110 Yellowstone Ave. Ste 164 Pocatello Idaho 83201



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