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Make Your Marriage (and business) Worth Millions Blueprint - digital Download version

You have made an incredible investment!!!

We are thrilled for you and to join with you as you grow your business and marriages through Relationship Focused
principles for success.  Makking a Marriage Worth Millions is truly the backbone to a profitable business.

Below you will find links to the Blueprint program.  You will want to listen to them in order begining at the top.  We have compliled this program to be comprehensive and relationship changing in the order it is presented. 

Don't Let Business Bankrupt the Family - Increase The ROI In The Boardroom AND The Bedroom. 

Brett and Gina.


Part One - A.R.E.


Action Guide        and       Transcripts 

Audio 1 -  Accessibility

Accessibility and attention

Audio 3 - Responsivness

Audio 4 - Responsiveness Marco Polo


Audio 2 - Engaged


Nancy kissing John-crop2



Part Two - Dances

  Don't Let Business
Bankrupt The Family

Dances - 123 Not Me ,

             Defend and Explain

             Protest Polka and
                 3 Steps to understanding

Three Dances CD  

Balancing Business and Family


Treat Business Like a Marriage











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